Quality, Safety & Environment

Commitments to Quality

Burry’s Shipyard Inc. is committed to delivering a product to its customer void of nonconformance, within specification, on time and within budget.

To insure this we have implemented a Quality Management System that is Certified to ISO 9001:2008 Standard. The three-tiered quality system is an integral element of both BSI’s tender responsibilities and on-going work activities.

Certificate No. 121704-2012-AQ-USA-RvA

Occupational Health and Safety

It is the primary and continuing policy of Burry’s Shipyard Inc, to take all reasonably practical measures to protect and insure the safety of its resources, including employees, clients, visitors, and physical assets. An injury and accident free environment is our ultimate goal.

In fulfilling this commitment, to protect both people and property, Burry’s Shipyard Inc provides and maintains a safe healthful work environment in accordance with industry work standards and in compliance with legislative requirements. Burry’s Shipyard Inc is striving to eliminate any foreseeable damages which may result in property damage, accidents, or personal illness.


Burry’s Shipyard Inc. recognizes the environmental impact of our business and we are committed to minimizing and eliminating any unnecessary impact. We will rigorously seek to ensure that all of our operations are conducted responsibly with environmental impact being a top concern.

We aim to develop and maintain a high standard of environmental care to prevent pollution and to continually improve our environmental performance by integrating environmental considerations into our business decision and planning activities.

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